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Why Volunteer in Thailand?

As one of the largest, most populous, and most ecologically diverse nations in Southeast Asia, Thailand has long been a popular destination for tourists. Visitors are drawn to its friendly people, stunning scenery, and world-renowned cuisine. Beyond the Thailand that most tourists experience, however, there are many social and environmental challenges plaguing the country. World Endeavors volunteers in Thailand can make a meaningful contribution to Thai society through a community-focused volunteer project, all while experiencing immersion in authentic Thai culture.


The Value of Volunteering Abroad

World Endeavors’ international volunteer programs have lasting benefits for both host communities and individual volunteers. Volunteering abroad is a valuable way to contribute energy and enthusiasm to projects that host communities have identified as important. In addition to serving the needs of communities around the world, volunteers gain a better understanding of other cultures and become more engaged global citizens.


Program Highlights and Links


The volunteer placement shaped up to be exactly what I was looking for.  I learned much about Thai customs and practices through my colleagues and the placement coordinators. I met several great individuals, many of whom I will keep in touch for a long time to come. I could not have asked for a better placement.

-Mehrdad, Health Care Volunteer in Thailand