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About International Business Internships Abroad

International business is a vast and growing field, and interns who go abroad get right into the thick of it. World Endeavors international business interns have a wide range of experiences, working with businesses that range from shipping companies to banks and consulting firms. Interns’ tasks may include updating reports and analyzing data, organizing events, participating in meetings, and managing budgets. Some interns use their English language skills to help connect their host companies to English-speaking customers around the world. International business interns will also provide administrative support for their colleagues.

With any internship, specific daily responsibilities may vary based on the requirements of the host company or organization, as well as on the location or timeframe of the internship. The qualifications, skills, and experience of the intern may also influence the type and complexity of work assigned.


The Value of Interning Abroad

Many students spend hours in the classroom, only to graduate with no practical experience. Completing an international internship can give you the experience and confidence you need to pursue your chosen career after college. An international internship stands out on your resume, gives you an edge in a tough job market, and affords you a valuable global perspective. Interning abroad can also introduce you to different ways of working, giving you more flexibility and greater comfort with diverse points of view as you enter the workforce. Plus, interning in a non-English speaking country gives you the opportunity to greatly improve your foreign language proficiency, another skill that is highly valued by employers.


In the Spotlight: International Business Abroad

Business is by nature an international field, and an internship abroad is one of the best ways to learn how businesses function around the world today. International experience is one of the most valuable résumé items for interns who want to work for major international companies, or for smaller companies that do business abroad. The experience of living and working in another country also helps teach interns to be adaptable and to deal with unfamiliar situations—both important traits for a successful business career.


Eligibility for Internships Abroad

Successful international interns have a strong desire to learn more about their chosen field, as well as to immerse themselves in a new culture and environment.  World Endeavors looks for applicants who are hard working, adaptable, and able to work both independently and as part of a team. Previous professional work experience, academic coursework in the chosen field, or international experience is helpful but is not a requirement to participate in a World Endeavors international internship.  In addition, foreign language proficiency is not a requirement for participation; even in non-English speaking countries, many English-language internships are available.

World Endeavors’ minimum age for participation is 18.  There is no maximum age for participation.  Due to the customized nature of our internship placements, interns at all stages of their careers are welcome on the program.  If you have further questions about program eligibility, please contact a World Endeavors advisor.


Other Considerations for International Business Internships

To work in business, particularly abroad, good communication and interpersonal skills are vital. Interns should have a strong interest in the field, and must be self-motivated, able to work independently and in teams, and prepared to adapt to an unfamiliar environment and working conditions. Good computer skills are a strong advantage in most placements.


Top Destinations for International Business Interns

Intern in Argentina – Buenos Aires

Intern in Australia - Sydney

Intern in Chile - Viña del Mar

Intern in China - Multiple Locations

Intern in Czech Republic – Prague

Intern in England - London

Intern in France - Paris

Intern in Ireland - Multiple Locations

Intern in Italy - Florence

Intern in Mexico - Cuernavaca

Intern in Northern Ireland – Multiple Locations

Intern in South Africa – Cape Town

Intern in Spain - Valencia

Intern in Thailand - Bangkok