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Why Volunteer in Brazil?

As the largest and most populous country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is known for its ecological and cultural treasures. With its winding Atlantic coastline, expansive agricultural regions, and the Amazon River basin and rainforest, Brazil’s landscape is as diverse as its people and their culture. Despite its natural resources and beauty there is a great need for volunteers to support social and environmental causes in Brazil. Millions of Brazilians live below the poverty line, mostly due to social injustice and uneven economic growth. Volunteering in Brazil offers participants the opportunity to support local communities at the grassroots level.


The Value of Volunteering Abroad

World Endeavors’ international volunteer programs have lasting benefits for both host communities and individual volunteers. Volunteering abroad is a valuable way to contribute energy and enthusiasm to projects that host communities have identified as important. In addition to serving the needs of communities around the world, volunteers gain a better understanding of other cultures and become more engaged global citizens.


Program Highlights and Links

Volunteers in Brazil live and work in cities throughout Brazil.

World Endeavors volunteers in Brazil can contribute to the following projects:

Childcare and Orphanage Assistance in Brazil

Environmental Conservation in Brazil

Teaching in Brazil

Wildlife Conservation in Brazil


I absolutely loved my host family. I always felt comfortable with them and they were very caring and considerate. They have become my very good friends and I hope to visit them again.

-Stephany, Volunteer in Brazil