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The World Endeavors summer program in Valladolid is more than a Spanish language course: it’s a seminar in how to live a Spanish life. From home stays with local families to cultural activities to a picturesque, charming location in the city center, this program presents the ideal chance to learn about and live the Spanish lifestyle. Students have countless opportunities to make friendships that cross cultural boundaries and last a lifetime. It’s the perfect setting to gain appreciation and understanding for the Spanish culture, and to fall in love with a city that students will never want to leave.




This summer session is an intensive language seminar, perfect for students who wish to learn a great deal of Spanish in a short amount of time. Classes are held for 20 hours each week and cover grammar, conversation, culture, and comprehension. All levels of Spanish students can participate, from beginners to advanced speakers, and will be placed in the course that is right for them.

In the afternoons, activities are organized for participants to learn more about Valladolid and the Castilla y Leon region. These activities may include screenings of Spanish films, trips to local art museums, Spanish music listening sessions, and guided architectural walks.

The course also includes three Saturday excursions to places of interest around Spain. These excursions, guided by members of the Art History faculty, take students to internationally recognized locations. The destinations change from year to year, but in the past the destinations have included: Salamanca, Ruta de los Castillos, Segovia, and Avila. These excursions are a great way for students to practice their Spanish and learn more about the area, while spending time with friends from the program.



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   Summer 1: May 26 - June 22, 2016  
      - Application deadline: March 15, 2016

   Summer 2: July 4 - July 29, 2016 
      - Application deadline: May 1, 2016

   Summer 3:  September 5 - September 30, 2016
      - Application deadline: June 15, 2016



Please see the Dates & Cost tab on this page for program fee information.


Speaking and practicing [Spanish] with my homestay was a big help.  By the time I was on the plane back, I was on an American flight but I was still thinking and speaking in Spanish!

-Eden, Study in Spain