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We send our thoughts to our friends and community that were affected by the earthquake in Nepal this past weekend.  During this time of rebuilding and healing, the World Endeavors Intern and Volunteer in Nepal programs will be suspended until further notice.

If you are looking for ways to help the relief efforts in Nepal, we encourage you to do so by donating or channeling your efforts to an organization like the Red Cross or the relief organization of your choice.

Why Intern in Nepal?

Adventurous participants looking for a truly unique experience will find that Nepal is the perfect location for their internship abroad. World Endeavors’ site in the city of Pokhara, Nepal’s second largest city, makes a great base for interns who wish to experience both the culture of Nepal and its outdoor attractions, such as trekking, climbing, and rafting.  Interns gain unique insights into this isolated country through host family accommodations and internship placements with locally-run organizations.

Interns can expect to work side by side with local colleagues, receive direction from a manager or staff member, and behave just as one would in a real job. On weekends or after work hours, interns engage in a host of activities depending on each participant’s tastes. Interns share meals with new friends or host family members, take in cultural events, explore the city, or even take day or weekend trips outside of the area. World Endeavors provides a list of possible activities in the area and the World Endeavors local coordinator can also function as an ever present guide and ambassador to the area.


Program Highlights and Links

World Endeavors Interns in Nepal live and work in Pokhara.

Intern in Nepal –  Pokhara

*Some placements may be located outside of Pokhara, please contact World Endeavors for more information.


About Interning Abroad

An international internship is one of the most exciting and challenging ways you can jump-start your professional career. The experience may be just the thing to electrify your resume and make you stand out in a competitive crowd of fellow jobseekers. More importantly, an international internship is an effective way to invest in your own personal and career growth because it gives you the opportunity to:

  • Acquire Real-life Professional Experience. Many complete their degree with only an academic or theoretical knowledge of their chosen profession. World Endeavors internships are professional and experiential, which means that you will learn about your profession by actually working in it.
  • Gain Hands-on Practical Skills. This is the kind of experience that can round out your capabilities and give you more agility in a job market that increasingly demands more from prospective hires.
  • Develop Global and Cultural Savvy. Job applicants with an international internship on their resume truly stand out as more and more employers look for candidates with demonstrated cross-cultural communication skills, foreign language skills, and international experience.


Internships for Credit

Are you doing your internship to fulfill an academic requirement, or would you just like to earn some academic credits for your internship experience?  World Endeavors is here to help.  About half of World Endeavors interns complete their internships for credit, and our advisors are experienced in coordinating internships to meet students’ academic requirements.  Contact World Endeavors to learn more!



Interns must be 18 years of age or older and have completed high school (or equivalent).  World Endeavors’ International Internship program is open to current students, graduates, and mid-career professionals. Internship placement opportunities increase with experience or relevant coursework. Please contact World Endeavors for more information.



The family I stayed with was great – they couldn’t have been a nicer family. I think it is very important to be able to live right along with the locals to really get to experience their normal, everyday lives.

-Katie, Education Intern in Nepal