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Charming, lustrous, warm and golden – Thailand is a jewel of a destination in the exciting region of Southeast Asia. Blessed with remarkable natural beauty and cultural richness, Thailand defies easy description. At every turn, birds, flowers, fruits and heady scents transfix visitors. Even in raucous Bangkok, a glinting Buddha or a cast-away orchid can be found amidst the maze of human construction and colorful bazaars. More remarkable than the floating markets or grand palaces are its genuine and generous people who remind visitors why Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles.

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The Land of Smiles

Thailand’s rich cultural history, inviting tropical climate, deliciously spicy cuisine, and hospitable people are among the many attractions that draw millions of travelers to this country every year. A great jumping off point for travel throughout Southeast Asia, Thailand feels both accessible and exotic, thrilling and familiar.  The Thai people are proud of their cultural heritage and their country which has never been colonized, while embracing the “mai pen rai” approach to life, meaning “no worries.”  After spending some time in Thailand, one cannot help but take away a bit of this attitude as well.

World Endeavors offers international internship, study abroad, and volunteer abroad programs in Thailand that are designed to meet each participant’s individual goals. Internships give participants resume-boosting, real-world experience in a variety of professional fields. The Study Abroad program in Thailand offers students the opportunity to pursue their academic career and interests in an international setting. Volunteer projects connect participants with service opportunities at non-profit social welfare, human rights and environmental advocacy organizations.


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World Endeavors offers internship, study abroad, and volunteer programs located in and around Thailand’s bustling capital, Bangkok.  Occasionally, internship and volunteer placements are available in rural communities outside of Bangkok.


I loved the food, the smiles, the opportunity to become friends with Thais, the opportunity to become friends with my fellow students– I now feel close to people from all over the world.

-Alicia, Study in Thailand